SploitCast, a Feburary baby, ShmooCon and Tax season


Geez. I never have time anymore to put something on this darn thing. I think I am going to stop apologizing for how long it takes me to post, because it is quite quickly becoming the norm. So anyways, since my last post, I have been to ShmooCon ‘06


I met some great people to include but not limited to, Lance James, Kevin Mitnick, Fyodor - A.K.A the creator of NMAP, Skydog, DC-Mike, and Simple Nomad. And those are just some of the highlights of what happened. Bruce Potter, who is sort of a Bruce Banner / Harry Potter mix, in the closing ceremonies decided to start throwing electronics out into the crowd, one of such attacks hitting me. But I got a 1gb USB drive out of the deal so it’s all good. Oh, and a little birdy told me that they may be releasing the videos too all confrences via torrent some time in mid Feb. So if you missed the fun, atleast check out the talks. That way, next year, you’ll beat yourself up even more to go.

Next topic: Feburary Baby. It’s about that time. Words can’t express how excited I am for the first addition to my family. I am the middle child and my older sister was supposed the be the first. I think she just wanted to test the waters with a nephew first before she picked out one of her own ;-).


Next topic: SploitCast. SploitCast is REALLY taking off. I don’t know what or why it happened. But we are getting some pretty big names to speak on our tiny little podcast. Check us out at or on iTunes. I’ll add a link in the navigation bar so it’s easier for ya’ll.

Next topic: Tax Season for all you Northern Americans under Canada. For the first time in my life, I have my taxes submitted before the deadline. Do you have yours done?

Now a question for the crowd: What is your favorite tool? Any tool, it could be software, a hammer or jolt cola. What is that one thing you couldn’t survive without?