Time, Fedora, and other things 42 related.


So, I haven’t posted in a while. Which is due to supreme work related stresses…. no, actually just lazyness, but atleast I am a bit better than say, oh Darren Kitchen, (April 17th) or Wess Tobler (December 11th). Ok, ya, my last post was on the 6th of April and TECHNICALLY I don’t beat Darren’s but, I actually post something, he posts videos… pfffft. That isn’t a blog. ;-) You know I love you D. Anyways, in other news, I believe I will be hitting the 500+ pictures mark of my son soon. It’s crazy. Oh, and I installed Fedora Core 5 on my laptop to test it out. I’ll tell you guys how it’s going.

I am hooked on 3 TV shows. 24, Lost, and The 4400. Lost supposedly had their best episode all season last Wednesday and 24 is winding down after a great season, The 4400 will be starting up again for Season 3 on June 11th at 9 EST on the USA Network .

I also watched the first episode of a exciting new IPTV show done by Foxx, Mustang, and special guest LuckyPhil called BSOD (Bastard Sons of Dial-up) a.k.a Blue Screen of Death boys ;-)

Also, during the last month I was accepted to DJ at which I had to turn down half way through acceptance due to some real life conflicts of schedule but they were great people to work with, and I’d like to put a shout out to DJ Snowball who hooked me up with the gig, and Loathed and Degrifter for all the help and understanding during my training phase for all my scheduling delemas.

Oh and I will be going to Japan in the next few months so, I might disappear for an extended period of time again. I am real excited about the trip and it will be a nice break from everything. If you want me to pick you up a certain manga/anime or other gift shout me an IM or email and I’ll see what I can hook up. All requests for 1st Class tickets or Sumo tickets will be accepted on a case by case basis.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back.