Christmas, New Years and a Keychain

Boss! I can't come in today. I woke up this morning and found 20 inches of snow in front of my drive way.

Don’t we all wish it was this simple. Anyways, I went home for Christmas, back to Oregon. Had a good time, got some good presents, yup… everything was good.

New Years is coming up. 2007… yeah, the whole millennium thing is wearing off.

As for the key chain, I got a cool skeleton key chain for Christmas that is almost impossible to fit in my pocket, but oh so worth it.

To put a little bit of tech into this boring excuse for a post, I just learned of something called the Microsoft Action Pack. This is a 300 dollar investment that gets you dozens of copies of all of Microsoft’s products, legit, from Microsoft. Check out this link for more information. Or you can digg it.