First of all, every blog entry on every blog, is in fact a RANT. So, stating that one is, is kind of pointless. That being said. Here is my rant:

Now that I have changed this part of my blogisphere, I have been getting guff about not covering certain exploits and 0-days. So here it is:

Microsoft Excel 0-day The easiest way to make a unix based system (Mac) insecure: • Step 1: Install a Microsoft Product as for the Windows Versions; DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENTS -While I am on the topic. Word users, watch out as well. milw0rm exploit #3260

I troll all the security sites with my RSS reader, and as soon as I find something that hasn’t been covered to death (i.e. ANOTHER Excel/Word exploit) I’ll post it up.

I’m getting off my soap box. For those that have found my previous ‘rants’ informative and did not send me an email wining that I didn’t cove the aforementioned exploit. I apologize.

But, that’s just my take on things, I’m just another security guy in a room with a small sign on the door that says “IT Dept”. What would I know?



Now that I am sorta in the eZine world with the release of Analog.5 for Hak.5. I wanted to tag another eZine well worth reading. Rattle and the folks from .aware created the .aware eZine or lovingly called .behold check it out.