Hak.5 2x10 - USB Goodies with Encryption


Ok, so I got a lot of questions of how everything works on my encrypted U3 drive. I started off with the

Here is what goes in my go.cmd file from the SwitchBlade

@echo off
truecrypt /q /v saved.pst /lo

So what I am doing here is connecting the saved.pst file as a truecrypt volume using /v. I am using the /q so that it doesn’t open the whole Truecrypt GUI. The /lo tells truecrypt to mount it as the drive letter O:. It will prompt you for your password, it will mount, and then it will run pstart.exe from your mounted O: drive.

Where to get what I went over in the episode:
Software Information for Windows:

I posed this question to the forums, but I wanted to ask here as well. My USB stick is about 3 gigs worth of tools. Would ya’ll be interested in a torrent with all of those tools in it? Leave your comments.