Maltego Keygen Crack Torrent and Offensive Security Torrent


Hi, and welcome to my trap. I see a ton of searches of just your type on my site on a daily basis. Lets get down to ranting.

Maltego is an awesome tool, it’s also GIVEN AWAY for FREE.. As in beer, which they allow you to use their servers to do your stupid little ego searches on.** STOP TRYING TO STEAL IT.**

Offensive Security 101. This is by far the best course / certification that I have attempted thus far in my career. It is informative and challenging. STOP TRYING TO STEAL IT.

Just to sum up a bit and not sound like a total ass. I fully support the use of torrents, for many of it’s uses. I do not however support the torrenting of projects such as this. The Offensive Security people contribute day and night with the development of BackTrack 3, which is again, free. Paterva also gives away the use of their Community Edition of Maltego for free. 

Instead of just taking from the community like the leech that you are, try contributing something. 


Those who frequent my blog, I am sorry, this rage is not intended for you.