Maltego Goes Communal


Now that everyone and their mother has posted about Back|Track Final being released I feel that I am safe in disclosing that information. But on to the topic, with said release, the folks over at Paterva have released a “Community” edition of Maltego. Straight from the horses mouth, here are the limitations:


The Community Edition is limited in the following ways:

  • A 15second nag screen
  • Save and Export has been disabled
  • Limited zoom levels
  • Can only run transforms on a single entity at a time
  • Cannot copy and paste text from detailed view
  • Transforms limited to 75 per day
  • Throttled client to TAS communication

Also, directly on the heals of this release is a community forums! Which haven’t quite been linked to from the main site, but I HAVE AUTHORIZATION THIS TIME!… not going to make the same mistake twice. Anyways, go check it out.