AnonymASS - Hiding Behind The Tubes


First I wanted to say, sorry for this and the last installment of Room362 being non-technical. They are topics that I feel strongly about and so felt impelled to share.One of the biggest problems in the world, IMHO, are people who have unfounded hate. This is compounded by the anonymity of the Internet. Allowing that hate to have no reprocussion or identity. Let me also say I have a deep respect for Free Speech, the depths of which I fear, few truly know. What I don’t have a respect for is people who abuse that right. It’s ultimately a respect of your fellow man/woman/it, that transends any nationality, race, creed, or color.

Now that you know where I stand, let me step down to a slightly lower soap box. On my last post about ethics, I received a comment from an individual who posted under the guise of not only a false email and name, but also from a proxied address. They were on my side of the argument and were digusted with Dave’s. His/her/it’s post was pointed, rude, and had no constructive criticism or facts. It was deleted. It does not deserve a direct response. So I am issuing a response to all who tred here.

These types of posts are allowed to flow on other forums, blogs, and mediums of the Internet. **They WILL NOT be allowed here. Period. **

You may think of me what you will, pompous, self righteous. I don’t care. I will keep my bit of the Internet clean how I see fit.

Lastly, I hope I demonstrated this fact already, but I want to reiterate it here. I will never delete comments on any side of any discussion I have here, even if I disagree with the comment. I enjoy debat and discussion. I am religous in my faith fight for free speech and it’s application on the internet.

You have something to say fine. You better do it with respect or you can take your posts to slashdot, digg, or some other place. They won’t see the light of day here.