GPU Hash / Password Cracking


I recently upgraded my video card and had a rough time finding programs that fit the hype of GPU password cracking, so here is what I found so that you won’t have as hard a time.

Ivan Golubev’s SHA1/MD5/MD4 cracker:

Ivan Golubev’s RAR pass cracker:

CUDA Multiforcer (down at the time of this posting)

BarsWF - MD5 Cracker:

GPU MD5 Crack: (Included in BackTrack 4 repos “gpu-md5-crack”)

Distributed Hash Cracker:
" This is an interesting one as it has a PHP front end and is agent based, so you can use one or a dozen computers, and it will use the CPUs and GPUs available"

Pentoo Live CD with a bunch of GPU cracking goodness built in:

Extreme GPU Bruteforcer (39.95 Euro)

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery ($599 for 1st lvl - 20 hosts)

ax0n from shot me an email stating that BT4 has some more GPU tools added to it:

Just FYI, BT4 also added some CUDA GPU cracking functionality a while
back ago. IIRC It includes Pyrit and CUDA-Multiforcer – maybe a few
others. Pyrit is a cuda-enabled WPA-PSK cracker that you may also be
interested in.

Pyrit - WPA/PSK - WPA2/PSK GPU cracker