grmn00bs podcast


I was recently on the grmn00bs podcast, I had a great time, and I can’t wait to see who they pick up next on their series:

grmn00bs podcast: episode 9

Update Link

“When they were n00bs Series”

Show Notes:

  • hak5 is one of the original security shows. Rob has been featured on several segments.
  • Twit Netcast Network with Leo Laporte is another show that’s been around for a while.
  • Security Tube is the Youtube of security videos. This is where I’m at when I should be working. You might even find some GRM n00bs stuff rattling around there.
  • The Academy Pro is another excellent place to go for security training.
  • milw0rm has lots of exploits. It’s a good place to check out some old papers to brush up on security history.
  • NewOrder is another resource to get abreast of lessons learned in the past.
  • Jasager is the “Yes Man” Rob talks about in the show.
  • Chris Gates’s book list has some good ideas for security reading.
  • Syngress is a publisher of security texts. They have all my money.

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