12 Days of No Starch Press


This Christmas I’ve decided to spread a little cheer (aka free stuff) ;-) , and I’m doing it in 2600 fashion. Now, I don’t know if I have enough readers to pull this off, but here goes:

I will be sending 1 No Starch book of the winner’s choice each day for 12 days starting on December 1st. Here’s the catch. To win the books you must submit a picture of a door or room that is unmistakably ‘Room 362’. The only other stipulation is that the image must be original (meaning if I look it up on TinEye it doesn’t come back with any hits).

Once you win you’ll be taken out of selection for other chances but if you submit a picture tomorrow you’ll be eligible to win all 12 days. Also, the more original pictures submitted the better chance you have.

How do you submit? Great question. Simply tag Room362’s Google+ page in the photo.

And since Google+’s stupid badges require header changes you can just click on this icon:

This will be paid for out of my own pocket and will be ordered (not second hand from my book shelf), so I may ask you to choose another book if it’s a box set for $200 or something like that.

Why No Starch? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to speculate.


Update on 2011-11-28 00:04 by Rob Fuller

  1. Yes, I’m ok with international shipping, but it may not get these before Christmas if it is.

  2. Funny, inventive, crazy, artistic, cool, etc are all pluses