Free Ticket Contest - Metasploit Mastery at DerbyCon


Egypt and I have decided to give away a spot in our training event at DerbyCon. This won’t come easy though, you have to submit an essay to us with one of the following topics:

Essay Topic Options:

  1. Why I deserve a free training class
  2. How I would social engineer Egypt and Mubix out of a ticket to their class

Maximum Length: ~1000 words / 3 pages. (We’re lazy)
Submissions sent in direct email, PDF, or Doc(x) (extra points for zero day!) format to:

The due date for a valid submission is 2359 GMT on August 15th, decisions will be made that weekend (August 18th & 19th) and the winner will be announced (and emailed direction how to obtain class info) on the 20th. **

Good luck!

– egypt and mubix

Also check out corelanc0der’s contest for a spot in his class here:

P.S. Dont’ know what DerbyCon is or the training we are providing? Here are some #lazyweb links:


Our training at Derbycon:

Outline of the training (it’s changed a bit but generally right): /blog/2012/05/22/derbycon-training-sep-27-28-2012/