Meet “q” – Free Metasploit Exploit Pack



Once you’re done staring at the Star Trek deity above (it’s a staring contest you will loose since you a such a simplistic race). I pull your attention to:

This repository / exploit pack was created for the sole purpose to house modules, scripts and resource files that would otherwise not be accepted into the Metasploit trunk. It will always be free and anyone is free to submit pulls of modules, scripts or resource files that they created or just found and were not accepted to the trunk because it was just a script, it violates TOS of a service, they did not author it, or any other possible reason. (Like the fear of @egyp7 ‘s coding red pen)

While I completely understand the reason and possible backlash Metasploit and subsequently Rapid7 might get for housing modules that were not submitted by their original owners, or violate some TOS, I feel that those modules should not simply disappear into time.

With that said, if a module gets added to this repo by another person and the other contacts me to take it down I certainly will.

So if you have modules, scripts, resource files or anything else that you would like to share, please submit a pull request, and we’ll see about getting it shared out for other people to use.

P.S. I am, as evident by this blog, a friend of the framework, so I would do my best to remove the blockage that is stopping the item from being in the Metasploit trunk if at all possible. This repo / exploit pack is meant to support the framework, not subjugate it in any way.