Metasploit Mastery meets CanSecWest


In 2012 @egypt and I taught Metasploit Mastery for a day and a half @DerbyCon . This was a lot of fun but we had to cram a TON of slides into that short period of time. PLUS we had a CTF at the end where people had to break into a corporate network (virtualized) and sell their shells, data, passwords, or flags to us (egypt and I were acting as opposing countries). You could sell low to one and high to another whatever. Most money at the end wins. (We used a score card with ranges to keep it even)

We are doubling down on the content being provided and doing a 3 full days @CanSecWest. You get to learn the nooks and cranies of Metasploit’s guts from the egypt himself, and operational use from me, with a ton mixed in between. I mean, just getting in the room with egypt’s beard is worth the price of admission.

See you there!