R5 Industries


I recently took the plunge and joined a startup called R5 Industries. I wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes that I received on social media. It has certainly calmed my nerves about the choice ;-).

I’ve had a number of people ask what R5 Industries does. Our primary selling point is AntigenC2, which is a really Command and Control detection product (no agents). But we also do Red Team assessments and some other fun toys if you are interested,

More info here:

And thats the end and last sales pitch you’ll get from me on the subject.

Why did I make the move?

  1. While, I loved life as an internal Red Team member (highly recommended, if you need reasons why make sure you watch Chris Gates’ talk at RuxCon: Gates ) where I got to help steer the boat of a Fortune 10 company, I had a number of opportunities that I had to turn down because of it, even though my higher ups went above and beyond to give me as much latitude as possible.

  2. I had a bunch of crazy project ideas that I wanted to see come to life over the years, I don’t think I would have ever had the time to see them become anything more than mythical ideas without this opportunity.

So, wish me luck, send me work (as I can finally accept it ;-) [through R5 of course]) and look out for some pretty wacky ideas and products that I’ve been talking about for years.

Thanks again, I wouldn’t be here without you.