Grumpy Hackers


A little history

A couple months ago @carnal0wnage, @bsdbandit and @theblindhacker (I’m sure I’ll get corrected if I’m wrong here) were at NoVAHackers just talking in the parking lot after the event and thought that it would be nice if they didn’t have to wait a month to have conversations like they were having each month out in the parking lot after the events. In passing @carnal0wnage told me about this and I set out to make it happen (for selfish reasons, I wanted to talk to them too).

What is it?

It’s a conversation, just like we had in the parking lot. Each week on Wednesday night at 9:15 PM EST a group of “Grumpy Hackers” get on Discord and talk like we would outside of NoVAHackers. We just so happen to also stream the entire conversation to Twitch

Who’s invited? How do I get on the show?

Everyone is invited to participate in whatever way they wish. Here are some ways going from least involved to most:

  1. Just watch/listen to the show on Twitch
  2. Just watch/listen to the show on Discord
  3. Chat with us during the show in Twitch/Discord
  4. Hit us up on Twitter about the links or submitting your own for us to talk about via @GrumpyHackers
  5. Ask us to have a certain guest on the show via Twitch chat / Discord chat / or Twitter
  6. Talk to us in the “#pre-show-chat” room before the show
  7. Join the show. You don’t have to say a thing if you don’t want to but we do have a fuzzy rule that everyone on the show must bring a topic or link to discuss.

To join the Discord just click on the image below:


For those who don’t know, Discord is a lot like Slack but it has built in voice channels like TeamSpeak or similar software (this makes it very easy to get people together without having to share Skype usernames or set up a call.)



Every Wednesday, at around 8:45 - 8:50 people start showing up in the “#pre-show-chat” voice channel so we can BS, talk about what topics we have for the night and get an idea of who’s going to stream. We start the stream around 9:15ish and it goes until we run out of things to talk about or everyone gets tired and wants to go to bed.

Do I have to stay for the whole show?

Do I have to be there for the start of the show?


There is ZERO specific structure to the show. It’s a conversation among friends, colleagues, etc. You are more than welcome to join in 15 minutes late, go take care of something and then join in another hour later.

We do have a few rules about the show if you choose to join us via chat or on the show:


Familiarize yourself with the Twitch Community Guidelines.

Above all, keep chat wholesome, respectful, and fun. Here’s a detailed list of rules.

  • No insults, hate speech, or disrespectful comments. Talking down to other viewers unironically is not acceptable.
  • No political or religious discussion, unless VERY topical (e.g. The second coming of Christ is happening how do you feel?)
  • No elitism/toxicity towards other players of certain heroes or console/PC players (You can hate Mercy, but don’t hate Mercy players.)
  • No dramatic streamer/esports topics or disrespectful comments on other players or streamers. Do not bring “toaster this guy said you suck on his stream” comments here. (Don’t bring any to others either.)
  • Memes and occasional spam is okay, but do not RUIN THE CHAT EXPERIENCE for any longer than a minute.
  • Do not blatantly (or subtly “I STREAM BTW”) promote streams. There is a discord channel for this so it doesn’t have to be in chat.
  • Don’t pressure me into doing things you want like I’m some entertainment monkey (singing/dancing/playing specific game/duoing with specific player.) Suggestions and memes are fine, but don’t overdo it.
  • No unsolicited sub gift requests. If you accidentally break a rule and get timed out, don’t get all up in arms about it. Just chill and come back, we don’t hate you.
  • NO SUPER EDGY JOKES. Any distasteful or insensitive comments are subject to moderation.
  • Respect other people in the stream. If they are clearly breaking ToS then it’s fine to point it out and laugh, but don’t make fun of people or randomly say “this person sucks lol” for no reason.
  • Rules respectfully borrowed from eviltoaster


So, please subscribe / follow:

Thanks! And we’ll see you on the show! Now, GET OFF OUR LAWN!!!