I’ve had an idea and I have been hashing it out the last couple days. I want a smal piece of hardware that runs basically a MITM, but a physical one. Something like those old keyloggers that you plug between a PS/2 keyboard and a computer. If it already exsists, please link me, but this is what I want it to do:

Features of the KVM-MITM:

  • Ports:  (2) DVI or VGA; (2) Ethernet NICs; (4) USB or/and (4) PS/2 Ports  <– Half male, Half female

  • Services:

    • VNC or RDP - a remote way to alter what is happening
    • Keylogger - recording all keys pushed through USB or PS/2 Mouse
    • SSH / SFTP - for reconfiguration or grabbing Keylogger data
    • IP snagger - management of using a static IP address within the DHCP scope automagically, without registering with DHCP
    • SSH Client for Tunneling local services
    • SSL Tunneling client for alternate means of tunneling if port 22 is blocked
    • Iptables - keep from a scan detecting the bridged nic (0 ports open, just tunnels outboud listening)
  • Power Supply: USB powered or a Male/Female plug for a standard desktop power cord

Just an idea…. any takers?