Too busy to breath


This is me complaining that I have too much on my plate. And, it is all my fault that I accepted so much. Here are the projects I currently am working on:

  • Hak.5 Radio - This project has taken on a life of it’s own, the community member run it and are currently working on a site design and back end. I really have to applaud the effort and free time that everyone on the H5rDev team has put into making the only community radio station on the net so sucessful. Check it out at

  • Podcasters Meetup - I am happy that this event is having it’s 2nd Annual event at ShmooCon 08. Last year was a lot of fun, however anyone who has ever scheduled an event of a mid to large size, it’s almost a full time job in of it self . You can check out updates at I would suggest just picking up the RSS feed

  • - Now, I am by no means the lead on this project but I am a contributing editor, and as any blogger can tell you, finding and creating content on any kind of schedule is also a full time job.

  • Projects that I have less investment in are Paterva’s Maltego (development of transforms), Karma (developing for embeded devices) and keeping this blog up to date.

All that, coupled with a full time job, two kids, and my current job search, it is just a bit overwhelming. So, now that I have complained and gotten everything off my chest, please check out the aforementioned projects and if you wish to help out give me a ring or email.